When it comes to your home, safety is the number one priority. Therefore, you must make sure your electrical panel is up to date and working properly. If your panel shows any of the signs listed below, it might be time to call a certified electrician and find out if you need to upgrade the panel in your home.


Your Home Is Older

If you live in an older house, chances are you might have a fuse box. If this is the case, it is time for an upgrade. Most homes built after the 1960s were built with electrical panels, while this is not always the case. Some may have fuse boxes that are considered antiquated and pose a higher risk for electrical fires.

Another indicator that your older home may require a new panel is rust. If you see rust, chances are moisture has gotten in. Moisture and electricity do not pair well together. A rusted panel means you need an electrical panel upgrade.


Your Circuit Breaker Keeps Tripping

It is not uncommon for electricity to surge and trip a breaker. This may occur if you do something like use the vacuum at the same time the microwave is on.  When a breaker trips, the power gets cut off in one room. 

You can reset a tripped circuit breaker using the switch handle to turn it off and on (always wear safety goggles when you do this). However, if you notice your circuit breaker tripping every time you plug in an appliance, it might be time to call a certified electrician.


Your Breakers Do Not Reset

A circuit breaker is an electrical switch designed to interrupt the flow of current if an overload or fault is detected. Making sure it works correctly ensures your and your family’s safety. 

If you experience your circuit breaker tripping and attempt to reset it, it should reset. If it does not reset and switches back off again, this is a sign you may need an electrical panel upgrade. In general, it is recommended that you upgrade your panel every 10 years.


Your Lights Dim or Flicker When You Turn On Other Appliances

A change in lighting when you turn on other appliances is usually a sign that an underpowered electrical panel is in great demand. The occasional flickering lights are not a cause for concern, however, if this is something you experience often, it is best to contact a certified electrician as you may need to upgrade your panel.  


You Often Rely on Power Strips and Extension Cords

Using multiple power strips and extension cords might seem harmless, when in fact, it puts a lot of stress on your electrical panel. One or two is okay, but if you find yourself using several strips or cords, you might want to consider a panel upgrades to support all that extra power.

 We are living in a technology-driven world where the use of electronics is accelerated. Do not wait until it’s unsafe. Keeping your electrical panel up to par allows you to use all your electronics and appliances without any worries.

 If you notice any of the above signs, give us a call at Lumos Electric. One of our certified electricians will be more than happy to assist you and ensure that you and your family are safe from any electrical dangers in your home. If you live in the Ottawa area, give us a call at 613-355-9793 or contact us online. No matter how big or small the job is, Lumos Electric is here to help.