Have you been planning to sell your home? Well, you might want to explore ways to raise your home’s value before you do. For many reasons, upgrading the lighting in your home is an easy and cost-effective way to increase your home’s value. 

Installing simple and efficient lights can optimize your home and property. When you start looking, you will find plenty of feasible options for exterior and interior lighting designs that can change the entire look and feel of your house. 

Here are the five most valuable areas where residential lighting upgrades can make the most significant difference for your home. 

Entrance Lighting

People usually overlook the importance of entryway lighting. Even though you might not be spending much time in this area, the entrance is the first impression of your home. 

Upgrading the lighting of this unique area can raise new prospects. You can find innovative lighting ideas that highlight the eccentricity of this space. For example, you rarely find a place to install a chandelier, however, the entrance area could be the ideal place. It can give life to your entryway and make your house stand out. 

By investing a bit of thought and attention in this area, you can use lighting to make the entryway the most exciting feature of your house. It will undoubtedly make a lasting impression on potential homebuyers.

Landscape Lighting 

When used in the right way, landscape lighting can help to highlight the incredible space outside your home. If you have been taking time to improve your landscape, you don’t want it to go unnoticed, so illuminating it can help. 

Installing some landscape lighting can enhance the exterior look of your home, thus raising its value. It will also improve security by strategically brightening up the entry areas.

To maintain a low cost, you can go for some budget options, such as solar lights. However, they often don’t hold enough charge to make it through the night, especially in winter. Therefore, it’s important to choose the right size of light. 

Bathroom Lighting: Above the Mirror & Ambiance

Optimally lit bathroom spaces create a relaxing spa-like atmosphere. To make that happen, you can replace your overhead lighting with wall-mounted fixtures. They can add warmth to your bathroom, leaving you with a soothing effect. 

People also tend to forget about how effective adding a light above the mirror is. This minor improvement will help add a bit of glamour to your space that homebuyers can’t help but notice. Adding dimmable bulbs can also help create a relaxing, ambient environment that will attract every homebuyer’s attention.

Kitchen Lighting

People love having great kitchens. Lighting can play a key role in making your kitchen look spacious and luxurious. However, many homeowners overlook this opportunity. 

A kitchen remodels should always include a smart design for lighting. It is a small investment that can transform the entire look of the area, and create the impression you imagined. For example, cabinet and recessed lighting in your kitchen will brighten up the space, making it a show of its own. Moreover, your light color choices can also have a significant impact on your kitchen’s look. 

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